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Save Time with Node Presets

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Re: Node Presets

nodes & noodles

0:00 Intro
00:07 Splitting your interface for node editing
00:58 The shader editor interface
01:17 Adding nodes
01:55 Connecting and understanding nodes
02:29 Changing node curviness
03:24 Different types of noodles/data
05:23 Grid snapping
05:58 Frames
07:08 Frame labels, colors, and text
08:12 Node groups
08:50 Node group inputs and outputs
09:48 Labeling, and coloring node groups
10:10 Node color presets
10:29 Input limits for node groups
11:50 Reroutes for noodles
12:52 Node wrangler previewing
14:22 Relabeling nodes
14:56 Copy, paste, duplicate nodes
15:14 Swapping a node with another node
15:49 Quick mix nodes
16:16 Other helpful tricks with Node Wrangler
16:35 Animate anything easily